Confidently Pursue Your Mission with Co-Fiduciary Financial and Investment Advice

    We work with nonprofits, colleges and universities, municipalities, and other organizations. We partner with you to provide financial guidance for every step of your organization’s growth. When you work with us, you can rely on an experienced fiduciary to implement a sound strategy so you can confidently pursue your organization’s vision.



    Services for Organizations


    Investment Management

    You can trust us to manage your investments and be proactive in sharing ideas and executing strategies to achieve your goals.

    Financial Advisory and Consulting

    We offer personalized advice to help meet financial planning needs, identify well-suited investments, and guide insurance decisions.

    Retirement Plan Management

    You can depend on us to handle all your retirement plan management needs, from navigating relationships with recordkeepers and TPAs to assisting with audits, managing your plan funds, and more.


    As your financial partner, we are dedicated to acting in your best interest and protecting what’s important to you with comprehensive insurance and risk management strategies.

    Long-Term Care Insurance

    We can provide you with information about long-term care planning and review your financial plan to ensure that you're prepared for the life changes we all face.

    Employee Financial
    Wellness Programs

    With our financial wellness program, you get better productivity and less distraction among your staff, and employees get resources to help reduce their financial struggles and put them on the right track.

    Financial Education Webinars and Seminars

    We have a passion for providing financial education to our community. Our core goal is to share our experienced knowledge that can be applied to every participant's life and positively impact how they manage and grow their money.

    If you would like us to host any of the following seminars for your organization or place of worship, please Contact us.

    Retirement Planning

    Social Security Planning

    Post-Retirement Income Planning


    Investment Tax Planning

    Estate Organization and Planning

    Budget and Credit Management

    Money Management 101: Saving and Investing

    Managing and Reducing Debt, Including Student Loans

    Investment Fundamentals

    Navigating Life Insurance and Long-Term Care

    Education Planning