The Master Plan

    Sound Advice to Create a Cohesive Vision for Your Wealth.



    Empowering You to Make Informed Financial Decisions

    We believe our clients value the importance of financial awareness. In addition to receiving guidance in creating their sound financial plan, they look to us for collaboration and education. Some people like working with an advisor who manages their wealth without input. We rather challenge our clients to stay engaged with us and their finances, so they can make informed investment choices along the journey toward their dreams.

    “We believe inheriting the knowledge of sound money management is just as important, if not more important than inheriting money. That is because the knowledge lives with you and can be transferred to future generations.” 

    — Ka'Neda Bullock, Founder and CEO, Master Plan Investment Group

    A Comprehensive Approach to Wealth Management

    We adhere to a disciplined approach to craft a holistic wealth management program that addresses your distinct objectives. Like a constant cycle, we’ll continue to listen and learn about who you are and what you want to achieve through every stage of your life.